Is Minecraft a fun game to play?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games nowadays with millions of active players of all ages worldwide. Since its launch in 2011, the Minecraft player community has been steadily growing, forming a rather strong “gamers’ society” connecting people of various backgrounds and cultures. There is no reason to question the well-deserved popularity of this game. 

Let us take a closer look at the reasons for such phenomenal success and help you decide whether you should join the diversified Minecraft’s fan club.


Minecraft is a so-called sandbox game, meaning that its players can genuinely unleash their creative potential and do whatever their heart desires within an open environment. That includes creating buildings, machinery, or even social relationships, gathering materials, growing plants, taking care of animals, etc. Whether you choose to play alone or with your friends, there are many game modes available:

  • Creative 

Go with this mode if you just want to build without any resources limitations. You would also not have to worry about being attacked or dying (just do not fall into the void).

  • Survival

Well, if you want to tackle your nerves, you should definitely try Survival. Your resources are limited – you have to obtain them yourself. Discover the world to manage your health and hunger. This mode pretty much reminds us of real life everyday scenarios. 

  • Adventure

This mode does remind the previous one, but with certain limitations. Players are limited in their ability to destroy objects (to preserve the maps). And, of course, you can fight bad guys. 

  • Spectator

This is a perfect game mode for those who are looking for no interactions whatsoever. This mode gives players invisibility and the ability to fly around, observing the world.

Have you ever thought about how it feels to be a ghost? Well, you can try out going through buildings or other players. Teleportation ability included. 

  • Hardcore

Well, the name speaks for itself. Hardcore mode is a more difficult version of Survival. Do your best not to die here since the world will be deleted upon death. 

Remember that these different mode options are only available in certain formats. 

Educational value 

What is more, Minecraft is widely used as an educational game since it, besides being an utterly entertaining game to play, also shows the mechanisms of real-life economic situations. Actually, there are already compulsory Minecraft lessons in Sweden. Teachers from one Stockholm school claim that the game is really beneficial for students’ overall intellectual development. Well, that is an unexpected thing to see in the curriculum, right? Sounds like a dream school to us. 

Get started

So now we have (hopefully) persuaded you that you should join the Minecraft community. As a newbie, you will face a lot of obstacles and have numerous questions. Maybe you have some already. No worries! We’ve got a perfect solution to all of your Minecraft-related problems. You can find all the answers and more on Yes, we mean it. Do you have problems switching between modes? Are you wondering about how to turn on cheats in Minecraft? Or maybe you are struggling to put together a boat or, let’s say, a compass? Even if you still haven’t figured out how to, for example, breed horses – on you find it all. 

Do not waste your time when you can already be fighting mobs, implement your “out of the box” thinking for creation, and find new like-minded acquaintances. Let the fun begin!

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